Obra Social de Caja Madrid

Obra Social Caja Madrid finances the awareness-raising and information activities through its Annual Convocatory of Financial Aid for the Development of Environmental Projects.

These activities consist of:

- Creation and maintenance of this website on the project (/index.html) and the preparation of information material (brochures, panels, etc.).
- Organisation of a technical course on water treatment and the technology of Floating Macrophyte Filter systems.
- Organisation of an International Meeting on green filters in 2005.

This project has been awarded in the Convocatory for Participation 2003 of Obra Social Caja Madrid.




GAMUR (Livestock Farmers in Murcia Autonomic Community) Cooperative

GAMUR S. COOP. is a cooperative for selling pigs founded in 1991. Since its inception, the cooperative has developed and integrated more services for guaranteeing the quality of end products, farm production, and the control of raw materials for fodder preparation, respecting animal welfare criteria with environmentally-friendly production practices, until pigs are transported in the vehicles of the cooperative to slaughterhouses. Once pigs are slaughtered, carcasses are distributed to quartering facilities, meat processors, wholesalers, etc.

A high-quality production system satisfies the most demanding markets in terms of quantity, quality, continuity, and homogeneity. Quality is achieved through the continued technical training of farmers through information sessions, courses, etc. given by veterinary specialists and the introduction of new tools in farms such as information technologies applied to pig production.

The new technical services are a fundamental support tool for members of the cooperative. They allow them to obtain information on different issues such as livestock management and feeding, meat quality, and animal care.

GAMUR has modern facilities for early weaning of sucklings, where 20,000 piglets from the farms of members of the cooperative are developed and selected.

In addition, members benefit from beneficial conditions for financial operations through agreements signed with the FEOCAM (Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Murcia), to which they belong, and different financial institutions.

Their experience and the continuous modernisation of working methods are the best guarantee for clients:

- Live pigs for slaughter: 7 million kg/year
- Pigs for fattening: 35,000 animals/year

At this moment, the cooperative are founding partners of the 2nd grade Cooperative AGROMUR for the sale of meat products, hams, etc., directly targeting consumers with their own trademark in an attempt to increase the value of the production of their more than 200 members.




The main activities of CIFEA Lorca (Integrated Training Centre and Agricultural Experiences of Lorca) are:


Regular training. (3000 hours in 2 courses)
- Intermediate grade training:
· Intensive Farming Operations Technician
· Livestock Operations Technician
- Advanced grade training:
· Technician in Management and Organisation of Farming and Livestock Businesses.
Continuing education (15-20 hour courses)
- Agroenvironmental Area
- Women in Rural Regions Area
- Occupational and Food Safety Area
- Technical Area
- Efficient Water Use Area.
Occupational training (30-50 hour courses for the unemployed)


Research Projects
Protocolised trials
Field tests





The owners of two single-family residences in Pedanía de Cazalla allowed part of their land to be used for the construction of two Flotating macrophytes filter :

1. Bartolomé Ubeda Meca
2. Francisco Chueco Amador

Both residential Flotating macrophytes filter have been built, planted, and are operational.